About Mission Viejo XC

Cross Country is the sport where everyone can shine, compete, form lifelong friendships, develop resilience, overcome obstacles, and reach new personal heights. Join our team and discover a sport where your dedication and hard work pays off!


“Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting lines…or other new beginnings.”
-Amby Burfoot

What is Cross Country (XC)?

Cross country (abbreviated CC or XC) is a competitive sport that involves racing over long distances, typically 3 miles or 5,000 meters, on natural terrain such as fields, trails, pavement, or on designated cross country courses.

 It is an individual and team sport as you compete in meets against other teams, aiming to complete the designated course in the lowest possible place. Your placement is your score, we tally the first five runners score and add them together for the team score. Scoring is like golf as the lowest score wins!

 It is a physically demanding sport that requires endurance, mental toughness, and strategic pacing. Cross country running provides an opportunity for each athlete to develop their athletic abilities, build teamwork skills, and challenge themselves both individually and as part of a team.

How Do I Join?

First of all there is no experience necessary to join, but joining can be a valuable experience. What is required is a positive attitude, willingness to always try your best, show up everyday and most imprtantly be a good teammate and role model!

Steps to join:

1) Get athletically cleared. This requires registering or updating an existing student athlete profile and completing a physical. Instructions

2) Register for summer training. Summer is the foundation for a successful competition experience during the fall season. Link

3) Get the proper equipment such as running shoes, a watch, hydroflask, yoga mat and running clothing. Local running stores

If you are new to XC check out our program brochure.

By being patient, consistent, and a team player, you can have a successful first season. It won’t be easy, but hard work pays off in this rewarding sport. Many top runners from MVHS started with no cross-country experience. Your success is in your hands!

Do you want to make varsity or simply become a better runner? Both goals are within reach if you approach your summer training the right way. No matter your sports background, use this summer to get ready for the XC season.


Why Join The Team?

  • Everyone competes, no bench 👍
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • It is a great stress reliever after school
  • It looks awesome on a college resume
  • Get faster & stronger
  • Get in shape for their winter sport
  • It looks awesome on a college resume
  • Get cleared for all sports for the whole year
  • Make friends with upperclassmen before school starts
  • Keeps you fit and healthy
  • Fun trips and team bonding
  • Positive individual & team sport
  • Helps build character and confidence
  • Program is focused on academic and athletic success
  • It is a ton of fun!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated FAQ Link
Q. What is XC- what does it stand for?

A. XC stands for cross country. It is an aerobic sport originally designed to get track athletes in shape for the spring track season. Today it is its own sport, with a rich tradition and great opportunity for runners of all abilities to come together to form a team. Most races in the California high school season are 3 miles.

Q. When does practice officially start?

A. Practice begins after our “Dead Period”, two weeks when coaches and athletes are not allowed to meet. Summer practice times are typically in the morning Monday – Saturday.

Q. What Paperwork do I need to have done before my child can practice?

A. You need to complete AthleticClearance and a physical

Q. My child wants to do XC, but is in a club sport. Can they do both?

A. Yes! We can usually make out a practice/meet schedule that allows athletes to do a club sport. It isn’t always perfect, but it usually works well if the parents and athlete are committed to making it work. Contact coach.

Q. We have a family vacation planned this summer. Can my child still join the team even though they will be gone for part of the summer?

A. Yes! We realize freshmen athletes will be in and out during the summer. The most important thing is to try to get their running in while they are gone if possible. We work with vacation schedules. Varsity level athletes should vacation before XC starts. Communication with coaches is important and appreciated so we know where athletes are at during team practices. 

Q. My child hasn’t done any running this summer. Should they still try to join the team?

A. Yes! Most of our incoming 9th graders have very limited running experience at the start of the season. We train all athletes at their ability levels, but it definitely helps to come in with a summer of consistent running though. We want each student-athlete to have the best experience possible and preparation is key!

Q. Where should I go to get my child running shoes?

A. The best local running stores would be RoadRunners and Snails Pace. They will help find the right pair of shoes. Tell them you run for Mission Viejo XC and they will give you a discount.

Q. What types of shoes do they need?

A. They need 2 pair of shoes. 1 pair for training and a 2nd pair for racing. These are called training shoes and racing flats. 

Q. What is the donation amount for XC, and when do we need to pay?

A. The amount varies per year depending on the costs of uniforms, entry fees and coaching stipends. Our sport is self-funded and we believe that the student-athletes are well-represented and feel proud of their sport.  Donations are due at the beginning of the season.

Q. What is the XC season?

A. The regular XC season is divided into two parts: summer xc June – August and fall xc September – November.  The top 12 varsity athletes will qualify for postseason through November/December, selected by the coaches.

Q. What can I do as a parent to be a part of the program?

A. Join our Parent Support Group (PSG) and sign up to help out at events like Orange County Championships, Awards Banquet, Team Area Set Up, Video/Pictures, etc.  Our first PSG meeting will be listed on the website sometime in August

Team History

Mission Viejo High School cross country has a rich history of success and achievements. The program has consistently performed well in local and regional competitions. With a dedicated coaching staff and a focus on discipline and teamwork, the team has produced remarkable results over the years. They have won league titles, qualified for CIF State championships, and have had athletes who went on to compete at the collegiate and professional level. Mission Viejo High School cross country provides a platform for student-athletes to excel in the sport while fostering personal growth and camaraderie.


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