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State Meet: Nov 25th








Announcement: Summer Training Starts Now!

Our Purpose

To inspire leadership, accountability, and responsibility while nurturing unwavering confidence and a relentless spirit of determination in each individual. We strive to provide transformative experiences for student athletes, allowing them to push boundaries, discover their potential, and create a meaningful impact in their lives, education, and athletic pursuits.

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👍Summer Training Week 6/19 @ MVHS Track 7:30 am

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About Cross Country

Cross Country is the sport where everyone can shine, compete, form lifelong friendships, develop resilience, overcome obstacles, and reach new personal heights. Join our team and discover a sport where your dedication and hard work pays off!

Some of the Perks!

    • Everyone competes, no sitting on the bench 👍
    • Meet new people and make new friends
    • It is a great stress reliever after school
    • It looks awesome on a college resume
    • Get faster & stronger
    • Get in shape for their winter sport
Summer Training Class

Summer training is a key component to racing your best when it matters most in November. Widen your fitness foundation during the summer months to peak at the end of the season. Develop with “TEAM” Together Everyone Achieves More

Steps To Complete

To join cross country and attend practices you need to be athletically cleared prior to the start of practice. All athletes will need to register or update their Athletic Clearance profile and complete an athletic physical. Follow these steps.

Altitude Camp

Altitude Camp is designed as a bonding and team-building experience to focus as a team. An invitation is based on time trials, commitment, and attitude. YOU NEED TO WORK EXTREMELY HARD TO EARN A SPOT. DO YOUR SUMMER TRAINING!